Razer Goliathus Control Mousepad

Razer Goliathus Control Mousepad

Eventsolutionsdarwin –┬áThis Razer Goliathus mouse pad is not just your standard black mouse pad, but it has a crack pattern that is similar to when a mouse pad bursts from intense heat. Razer also has its logo in 3D in large format on the right side of the pad, which covers almost a third of the pad. I prefer softness with mouse pads and it can be a little loud for me, especially with this huge bright green logo, which is still special and attracts attention. As already mentioned, this is a control edition, which is characterized by a strongly textured weave, thanks to which the surface is slightly rough to the touch. The surface is designed this way for extra friction / control and even though it is a rougher surface than the Asus ROG Sheath, it is still comfortable under the wrists. The logo can be huge, but at least it is sewn into a pattern that keeps the surface consistent, unlike the Gigabyte AMP 500.

The pad is finished with a stitched edge, which adds some stylistic points, but at the same time prevents the pad from fraying and gives you a slightly bigger blow. Most fabric pads often have these stitched edges, so it’s nothing special, but it’s important because the quality of where your hand meets the pad will be tested on any mouse pad. Below it is a bright green rubber pad that has a hexagonal texture for greater grip. It’s worth noting that with these narrower extended pads, they can be moved on the table if I really try, but Razer Goliathus remained seated at the table all the time. With such a structured surface, it will be more difficult to clean than most other pillows. Dead skin, dust and dirt can easily accumulate on the surface more than usual, but this should be too much of a problem with caution.


Most table mats are optimized to balance control and speed, but Razer offers mats that are designed more toward one or the other. Of course, the Control edition is designed to provide maximum accuracy with a little behind speed. As already mentioned, it is a rough surface that allows for more friction, but it also slows you down, which is really reflected especially in the names of FPS, because it felt very accurate when tracking targets in CSGO. Even though it’s designed to operate, it’s not lazy by anyone’s standards, and you can still flick with the same ferocity as other pads. The surface is a bit abrasive, but even after a few hours of use in the game, I didn’t see any visible skin irritation on my wrists, and it was still a pretty good mouse pad during testing.


Goliathus is an extended pad and is considered a worktop. It takes up about one-third of my desk and is about the same size as the Corsair MM300, and it’s worth noting that this mouse pad doesn’t take up the entire desk. This pad is one of the longer plates we recommend, with a length of 920 mm, and is the largest of the available sizes from Razer that you can see below. The length is the same as the Corsair MM300 and allows for larger arm movements, which are common in some low-sensitivity players. The width of the disc is 294 mm, which is 6 mm narrower coins than the Corsair MM300, but it is still wide enough for players with low sensitivity, as less space is usually required for vertical movements. The pad is not particularly heavy and has an average thickness of 3 mm, again identical to the Corsair MM300, but only 1 mm thinner than the Asus ROG Sheath. As already mentioned, this pad is available in 4 different sizes from small to extended, with the largest being more expensive (of course). The playing area in several sizes gives us better choices depending on our settings, table space and sensitivity.

Reference: https://www.driversrazer.com/

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